A Great Book Free This Weekend

Today I’m sharing the love for a good book. If you enjoy historical fiction, especially World War II stories with a touch of romance, you’ll want to read Dan Walsh’s books. He’s done a lot of research on WW II, especially about the US involvement and German activity in the US. Dan has written several books with this setting as a back drop to an amazing tale.

This story starts out in the present, as a budding writer inherits his grandfather’s home and discovers a manuscript his grandfather left for him to find. As he reads his grandfather’s own history, he’s taken back to the early days of WWII and a subversive plot carried out by the Germans in the US.

Free today and tomorrow at your Amazon store.

5 thoughts on “A Great Book Free This Weekend

    1. Yes he is and I’ve read most of his books. He’s been versatile in his topics, from WW II drama to current mysteries. And I really enjoyed his stories about finding homes for dogs — have the last one (Keeping Baily – A Forever Home #4) ) in my queue now.

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    1. Dan Walsh is a pastor and he writes fiction with a Christian view; this comes out more in some of his books than others. All are very interesting and about half have some historical connection. This story, When Night Comes, The Unfinished Gift and Remembering Dresden have a WWII connection.

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