Snowy Morning

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is FLAKE. I don’t know if Heather thought of this prompt word as she looked out the window this morning, but FLAKES there are.

Here a flake, there a flake, a few more just beyond
I sigh as more and more flakes swirl through the air
all day, settling on the lawn, garden, flowerbeds.
coming in from the north, fixing to stay awhile.
At sunset a shadow on the western horizon,
turned in the night to these snow-laden clouds,
slipping across our sunny yesterday
and we feel the force of winter’s return.
Who wouldn’t grieve seeing last week’s +16
plunge to -1 C – with an icy breeze behind it?
And this cold front plans to settle in
"at least a week," says the weatherman.
Of course we sigh for the sunshine,
or wish rather a hearty April shower rather
than this terrible wrong of cold and snow
harassing the budding flowers!
Image by pasja 1000 — Pixabay

Nature Note:
My husband and I drove north to our nearest small town this morning, and en route passed a field with several small puddles. Clustered in and around these icy puddles, and spread out on a little rise beside, we saw at least a thousand snow + blue geese, one large “salt + pepper” flock pausing in its journey to the north. Quite a sight!

3 thoughts on “Snowy Morning

    1. Well, the prompt word came in handy for me, though ours is a light dusting. I was just saying yesterday, “We need a good long April shower” — and I still think that. 🙂
      I think snow geese are amazing, mixed with Brant’s geese and blue geese, but mostly pure white birds. Hunted persistently in fall, yet they manage to multiply into huge flocks anyway.

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      1. We had snow on Saturday, but it melted by day’s end. Poor SE corner has a giant storm coming its way. Sounds like it will be quite the “April Shower”

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