A Day’s Journey

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is TRAFFIC. Here’s a little verse in response:

rush hour traffic
streams of weary communters
snailing homeward

Today We Bury My Sister

Donna died of a drug overdose on November 28, two days after her 66th birthday. Her middle son, James, had her cremated within days, but it’s taken while to arrange burial of her ashes in her daughter Barbie’s grave. Barb died back in 1989, from what likely would have started as cervical cancer. A sad time for us all; Barb was just sixteen and full of life.

Being a Saturday morning, the traffic on the highway between here and Moose Jaw will probably be light. We’re to meet at the cemetery at noon to bury the urn holding Donna’s ashes, then we’ll have a gathering in remembrance, which will take the form of a family picnic in the park. I don’t expect it to be a large gathering, as she lived in her own circle of friends so a lot of her nieces and nephews hardly knew her.

Donna and I were close when we were young — as close as siblings can be when they live in different homes over 100 miles apart — but as an adult she and her family lived here in SK while we moved East and lived in Ontario and Quebec. Coming back to SK, I was only able to locate her a few times. So, sadly I’ve only seen her four or five times in the past thirty years — mainly at family funerals.

I haven’t had anything to do with her Rob & Jason, her oldest & youngest sons, since I spent a few days with Donna when Barb died. Sad when families get so estranged, but my husband and I chose a different path — lifestyle if you will — and lost contact with them. Hopefully we can get a bit more acquainted today.

10 thoughts on “A Day’s Journey

  1. True, it often does. But with Donna, she came for the service and apt to disappear before I got a chance to talk to her. At Rose’s funeral it was only a quick hug and, “I love you,” then she was gone as soon as the service ended.

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    1. Yes, Donna’s life was a hard one. Married at fifteen with a baby on the way, an abused wife, divorced at 21, problems with alcohol & drugs and much more rough and tumble as a single mom. But the visiting we did today did bring much healing and comfort to us all. I’m so happy to see that her youngest son has come to know the Lord and made a drastic turnaround. It was great to see them all again.

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    1. Exactly! This time we didn’t talk of an upcoming “happier occasion” because our sister Rose’s husband is on his death bed. We know we’ll be gathering again soon; his doctors are “keeping him comfortable” and gave him about three more weeks. Rose died 3 1/2 yrs ago — which was the last time I saw Donna.

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