June Recap

Hello to all my Readers & Followers!

It’s the end of June and I thought I’d do a round-up of this month and what’s been happening at our house over the past few weeks. To keep from rambling on and boring you to tears, I’m setting my timer for thirty minutes.

I last posted on June 13th, the day before we went to Moose Jaw for my brother-in-law’s funeral. It was a secular affair, as you’d guess when they started out with the song, “House of the Rising Sun.” Perhaps it was a favorite of his, but Butch was a straight-laced, hard-working family man, a loving husband and protective father. But he did in middle age buy a Harley. He and Rose made several long trips on that bike. Sadly Rose, the love of his life, passed away at the end of 2019.

The next day, June 15th, my husband Bob woke up with a pain, he had the feeling he might have a kidney stone. Both of us took it pretty easy that day. June 16th Bob was in yet more pain; our daughter took him to see a doctor while I was cooking supper at the seniors’ home where I work on a casual basis.

The doctor found he had an infection, a kidney stone, and a gall stone, so she kept him in the hospital overnight. I brought him home Friday but he was in so much pain I took him back in Saturday morning. Since then he’s had more appointments plus an ultrasound; with antibiotics and pain medication he’s making a slow recovery but it’s been a quiet two weeks here at our house.

For myself, I’ve felt rather unmotivated. Sitting and waiting for doctors and tests, doing the basics to keep up once we’re home, blogging has taken a back seat altogether. I cancelled last week’s shifts at work, too. Also, the season of insects is upon us and I’m really sensitive to the bite of some invisible beastie; wherever I’m bitten, I tend to get big hives that itch like crazy for a few days.

I’ve been trying to keep up with outdoor things like dead-heading the flowers, filling the tubs I use to water the birds. I get some surprises, too: one evening this huge jackrabbit came hopping along the south side of our house, stopped to drink from one of the tubs on the lawn, then off down the lane he went. I was sitting on the step, motionless. Our black cat was standing in the driveway not so far way, but he seemed bemused by this long-legged, floppy-eared creature bigger than himself.

One afternoon I saw a doe in the yard between our trailer and the woods; a couple mornings later she came down the driveway with her fawn. They stopped by the trees on the west side and the fawn nursed, then off they went into the canola field beside our yard.

All spring we were wanting rain badly, but the “showers of blessing” have come at the perfect time this month. Everything is looking so lush right now.

My cousin from Edmonton was in our area June 28th, brought here by her son, his wife and daughter. They intended to visit a son in Prince Albert, friends in Saskatoon, and they drove out this way to visit us. Bob wasn’t feeling up to a visit yet, so he stayed home, but I met them at a local coffee shop and we had a good visit.

And that brings us to the end of June. How can it be! We still haven’t installed our window unit air conditioner. We haven’t had very many hot days –in fact some of our days have felt more like October!– and nights are cool here. But that will be our next project: setting up the air conditioner before the weather really heats up.

My half hour is up. Maybe now I can stay on track. I’ve seen some great prompts and have thought about responding; maybe I’ll post some of those ideas even if they’re way late.

Wishing you all a great summer.

7 thoughts on “June Recap

  1. I hope all the stuff plaguing your husband clears up. Insects are not my friends, either, which means things have to be absolutely perfect for us to go out to the Refuge. We’ve had a few beautiful walks. Most wonderful is we have finally had rain. The dry fields have greened up and it’s all a big relief for all of us. Now we need a snowy winter (or two).

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  2. Busy woman! So sorry for Bob – I hope he gets well, soon.
    I think there is a fairly large set of us bloggers who just aren’t feeling it lately. I know I have backed off big time – not that I was overly active, but still 🙂

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    1. Well, it is summer. sometimes I just stand by the door and soak in the summer beauty, the sound of the birds. We’ve a few wrens nesting in this yard and their melodious songs are enough to pull anyone away from desk work. 🙂 Thanks for commiserating.

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