Happy Canada Day!

I woke up early this morning — if 6:15 am is early? — let the cat out for his morning stroll, fed and watered the birds. Now I can drink my morning coffee and enjoy our national hodilay holiday.

There — typo corrected. It’s not that I can’t spell, but my fingers get ahead of my brain — or is it vise versa? — and I usually type morning as monring. Which makes me think of an amusing blip from the brain of my cell phone’s auto-correct. I’d told a friend that I’d bought a tin of Maxwell House (coffee) and sent it without checking. This should be an automatic No-No for me! I must have missed a space, so auto-correct thoughtfully changed it to My new tin O’Farrell House.

Not sure who O’Farrell is, or how he got his name programmed into the system, but SOMEDAY I will learn to CHECK every message before hitting SEND. 😉

Wishing my fellow Canadians a lovely holiday as we celebrate the beauty and diversity of our great country.

14 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. It’s more than auto-correct. I find I am often switching letters – almost as if I have latent dyslexia!
    But yeah… needs must reread before pressing send 😉

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    1. Canada Day is a national holiday so everything is closed — except those businesses that always stay open. Bigger stores that feel they must stay open are apt to have reduced hours.
      There are always “Our great country” type celebrations, parties, etc, though not on the scale of the US Fourth of July. Cities will have some event(s) planned, and of course fireworks.

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