Forgiving & Forgetting

This morning I had the urge to write a story, so here’s my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt for today and yesterday together. Today’s prompt is FLASHBACK and yesterday’s word was LUCKY.


“Why are you sighing, Nish,” her friend asked as they walked through the shopping mall.

“Flashback,” Nichina replied. “I saw a t-shirt in that store window and it reminded me the time I met Sue here. She was wearing a t-shirt that color and I said something about it.”

“Oh-oh. Didn’t go over?”

She’s rather pale and that mustard yellow looked awful on her! And here she was, showing off this designer tee she’d paid big bucks for. I should have kept quiet, but you know how it is sometimes, you just blurt out your thoughts. You think she should know… She got really upset and didn’t speak to me for weeks, even when I said I was sorry.” She shook her head. “I couldn’t lie and say it looked great, but I wish I’d never said anything.”

Kareen nodded in sympathy. “Yeah. When to tell the truth can be a really tricky question, because the other person may not be very willing to hear it.”

“You said it!”

“And besides, it’s only your take on the matter. But those things happen. I’ve said things – and done things, too – that I was really sorry for after. But I make a mental note to not do that again and then I just put them out of my head and the incident never comes to mind again. Or if it does, I boot it out.” She grinned.

“You’re lucky! I see something that triggers a flashback, reminds me of one of my said-or-did bloopers, and I feel bad all over again. Why didn’t I think?”

“And what does that do?”

Nishina stopped and regarded her friend thoughtfully. “I guess those flashbacks tend to make me feel like a failure at life.”

“And you’re not,” Kareen assured her. “I’ve heard you and I know there are many times when you’ve said just the right thing. Don’t let that nagging little voice lie to you. Boot it out. You know, say, ‘Get thee behind me, Satan.’

“I’ll try to remember that.” Nishina admired Kareen’s easy-going approach. Would she ever find it that easy to forgive and forget her bloopers?

Image from Pixabay.

7 thoughts on “Forgiving & Forgetting

  1. I have a friend who sometimes says things she shouldn’t. I don’t know if they’re bloopers or she’s just mean. No idea. But, in the strange clarity of Covid I decided I don’t have to hang out with her. It’s not my problem whether they’re bloopers or she’s just mean. That’s her problem. She has said to me, “I never see anyone anymore. I haven’t heard from X, Y, Z in forever.” And now I think, “Well, you know, maybe they don’t like that either.”

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I guess everyone says things we shouldn’t at times, but with some people it’s more chronic. There’s a (probably deliberate?) needling or cutting edge. Also,some folks grew up in a home where tact wasn’t an acquired art; you just said what you thought and let the other person deal with it. As you say, over time they’re apt to lose contact with friends because of their sharpness.

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    1. Thanks. it was fun and also a bit of self-revelation. I greatly regret some remarks I’ve made — I think we all do — and some people are very sensitive about their looks. Sometimes people will wear an “IN” colour or style and it doesn’t suit them at all.

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      1. And sometimes the truth really does have to be said, whether it’s welcomed or not. I’ve been on the receiving end at times and DIDN’T welcome it at first, but in the end was glad that person had the courage to speak it.

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