An Impatient Patient

I see that readers have liked my haiku, so here’s another one…

window breezes
ruffle the bedside bouquet
an impatient sigh

Image by K Hanolon — Unsplash

My flowers are all outside, but I’m the patient today, spending a good while in my recliner trying to get over another sore throat that started yesterday. And wondering what my doctor will say when I see him next week. One of the things that came out of my phone consultation with my oncologist last week Monday was that my blood sugar is high. “I’m a little concerned about that,” she said. “You should see your doctor about it.”

So I did. He was concerned, too, and sent me for a fasting glucose test, which I had Monday morning. His receptionist called me yesterday morning and said, “The doctor has the result of your blood test, and he wants to see you.” And I said, “Oh-oh!” But this may explain why I’ve been feeling so tired the last few weeks.

My mom had Type 2 diabetes in her older years and my sister Donna had it already in her 40s, so this doesn’t come any surprise. I’d like to rush straight to his office and hear the worst, but he’s going to be away for a week so my appointment isn’t until next week Friday. Sigh… I’m guessing I’m still at the pre-diabetic stage and am starting to cut back on sugar. Sniffle, whimper.

Anyway, while I’m recovering from the speed bumps on life’s road, I may not write stories, but I’ll post more verses and hope you enjoy them. Since my energy is low right now, it may be a good time to sit here and enter those poetry bits I have in scribblers.

4 thoughts on “An Impatient Patient

  1. Likely will involve cutting back on all those sweet treats I love. But I’m actually starting to lose my taste for sweets in my old age. Can hardly eat a whole chocolate bar anymore. Be great if my tastes would co-operate with the new reality. 😉


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