An Avian Paradise

Here’s my response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt...

How Will They Manage?

Our yard’s an avian paradise. Birdseed liberally sprinkled, water bowls, even a sprinkler on hot days. Cats trained to ignore birds. However will they manage in the real world?

Patiently waiting for lunch
Image: Peggy_Marco — Pixabay

This is no fiction tale. The noise in our yard can be deafening at times — like when I go out with my birdseed first thing in the morning. As I have written before, the birds aren’t the only ones taking advantage: in the past few weeks I’ve often seen a doe and her fawn drinking from the basin between us and the woods. A few days ago I was up at the crack of dawn and saw a jackrabbit hopping around my front yard water dishes. And I’m amazed how bold the birds are around my cats. Hummers will feed at flower pots right beside where the cats are lying!

15 thoughts on “An Avian Paradise

    1. Our cats are lazy old things, but I’ve made it clear they’ll be sorry if they bother the birds. the problem is the stray that lives in one of the neighbour’s sheds. Can you believe it, when I saw the jackrabbit, I saw the stray near our step, slinking along as if he was planning to pounce on the thing. Every bit as big as himself. Fat chance, buddy!

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    1. I’m glad we have only mourning doves; no pigeons or gulls. But gulls near the sea are probably more used to people and expecting handouts than our prairie gulls. They rather follow the tractors as the soil’s being turned up. We get grackles, that are maybe just as much of a pest.


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