Grad night

Here’s my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt word: FLOUNCE

Emily checked the clock again, wondering if her date would be early or just on time. “Please don’t be late,” she thought. “Let’s get on with the show.” She’d looked forward to graduation all through high school; now the day had come and she was jittery as well as eager.

She straightened the many frills on her new dress and wondered what he’d think of it. Would he be embarrassed? As her Dad politely commented half an hour ago, it was a little over the top. Mom had decided to try a new dressmaker and Emily described the type of dress she wanted. On impulse she’d added, “I’d like something with a touch more flounce.”

Yes, she’d definitely said “a touch.” Somehow the concept hadn’t been communicated well. The gown Emily envisioned hadn’t at all corresponded to the dressmaker’s image of “a touch more flounce.” She hoped she’d be able to move around in all these ruffles — and not roast once the action get started. Worse, she was horrified they might make her look fat!

Image by Natalja Danilchenko — Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Grad night

      1. For some reason the blog I have the most problem with is Keith’s. Others are hit & miss, but I can’t ever LIKE his comments and have to log in properly every time I want to leave a comment. And, once in awhile, I have to log into my own to leave a comment, even if I never log out.

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      2. I hear you. I don’t understand why that happens. There is one woman whose like button doesn’t always load. Of course, these are on the posts I don’t want to leave a comment. She shares quotes of books she’s reading. I think she shares them from IG and that’s when it doesn’t work. Mind you the quote is in a box that is really small it doesn’t enlarge and I can’t read it anyway.

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