Suspicious Sparks

I’ve been a snail all this week, that’s all I can say. With this story, I had to settle on who the characters are. Yesterday the where-to-from-here became clear and I sat down to write my six lines when the doorbell rang. My visitor, a friend who likes to chat, stayed a couple of hours. So here’s my belated offering for the Six Word Story Challenge. The prompt word this week is SPARK.

Suspicious Sparks

“Great job getting rid of them before they did too much nosing around,” Jonathan said, stepping out of the hall closet. “So, how did you happen to show up here, Sonia — just when I needed you?”

“We’d set up a meeting with a shareholder for half an hour ago – a very important one – so when Herb didn’t show up I knew something was wrong and came to see what happened to him. “Now, what are you doing here and why Herb was out cold with a bruise on his face,” she demanded, glaring at him.

“The CEO ordered me to find out where his wife, Janice, is hiding; she’s gone and he was sure Herb would know where. Mr Zenzig thought he saw a spark flash between her and Herb one day and suspected they were meeting privately, so he sent me to nose around, see if she was here — in the course of our discussion Herb happened to trip and hit his head on the edge of the coffee table.”

13 thoughts on “Suspicious Sparks

  1. Want a weird comment?

    Some Sixes require the Reader to simply comment. Your Six, (this week), got me spending as much time reading (and thinking about) the comments of the Sixarians*.

    Example: your Reply to Mimi’s comment. The thing about “…before I’ve painted my characters into a corner.

    (I love the discussion about the craft as much as the plot of a story)

    I used to actually state (in my own blog) that one approach (to writing a post) was to create a situation that was problematical and then ‘write my way out of it’.

    excellent Six!

    (Especially the using a situation in ‘real’ life, (the visiting friend mentioned in your intro), and using it as a launching pad for a Six.

    Out hostinae, Denise, is a master of that particular writing strategy.

    *quasi real term for those who insist on participating every week in this bloghop. Fair warning, there is a subset of writers who take this concept of community to the next metaphorical level, i.e. the Six Sentence Café & Bistro. This being an imaginary, but enduring, place in the virtual world. Just ask Nick.)

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