Weekend Writing Prompt

The Weekend Writing Prompt on Sammi’s blog is OPPOSITE. Yesterday I decided to give LETHARGY the boot and compose a response. Then I went even further to banish the blahs: I got out my paints, sitting in a closet for a year now, and tried my hand at IMPRESSIONISM. But today WordPress OPPOSED me when I tried to WRITE. It treated me as a stranger! Just a visitor. Guess I’ve been away too long? Anyway, it took a bit of doing to get the WRITE button to appear so I could post this. (And now it won’t give me an EDIT button.) 😦


Waves of lethargy engulf me! I paddle furiously but they’re sweeping in opposite directions from my dreams: those sewing, writing, painting projects calling from the shores of productivity. Oh, these relaxing waves! So easy to float along – but for those jagged rocks of scruple.

And here’s my attempt at an impressionist landscape. (Tans and yellows look overly bright in this pic.)

13 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t getting anything else done for all the time I wasn’t blogging. Just down time — observing nature.

      Not sure if “fab” is the best word; the artist always sees the flaws and all that. I want to try it again, toned down a bit.

      Looking through my sketches the other day I came across the one I made of your photo of the yacht in the channel with a tower behind. I should at least ink that and post it so you can see my interpretation.


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