A Birder’s Dream!

Something quite interesting happened today and I thought I’d share it with you, dear readers. If you’re a bird lover like me you’ll wish you’d been here and seen it, too.

Image: Robbi Drake — Pixabay

I don’t recall why I stepped outside not long after dinner, but when I did, I heard the characteristic rusty-hinge croak of sandhill cranes. The sound was far off, so I looked around and spotted a very large flock coming in from the north, flying fairly low. Their course would bring them almost over our yard, so I stood on the open deck and watched them come.

Just before they reached our yard, part of the flock veered off eastward, but then circled back until they, as well as the others, were almost over our mobile home. As I watched them, it seemed like they stopped and just sort of hovered for a couple of minutes – maybe studying this odd creature below?

It seemed rather amazing that I was looking up at them and they were almost stationary, looking down on me. They didn’t get close enough for me to have a really good look, but were flying about the height of our tall poplars. Pausing for a moment before carrying on southward, likely for a stop by the river – the Saskatchewan River is not far south of us as the crane flies. This flock will likely go on to the bird sanctuary near Martha Kennedy’s home in Colorado. She blogs HERE

The snow we got on Sunday is almost gone; just a few patches left here and there. A few warm days ahead and then we’re back to chilly temps, the weather man says.

Tomorrow is our daughter’s birthday. How do the years roll by so fast?! I can’t call myself a spring chicken anymore, if my daughter’s over 50. Maybe I should start wearing purple and join the Red Hat club, if there’s one around. 🙂

I wonder how many of you are doing NanoWrimo this year? It starts in four days, at the stroke of midnight Nov 1st, so you’d best get your pencils sharpened, or keyboard dusted, and your outline completed. Buy a bunch of frozen dinners and pizzas.

13 thoughts on “A Birder’s Dream!

      1. They are lovely colors. I’m guessing they look really good on you 🙂 I do tend to the bright and bold, although I also love pure black and white as well. Hmmm. I guess that’s also a bold combination 🙂

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      2. Once shopping with my cousin, I held up a piece of black fabric. She’d been saying, “Black would look good on you,” but now she shook her head. Not sold black–or mostly black. White would be as bad–and I hate gray! With my colouring I can’t wear anything mostly beige or yellowish; I need medium colours, and prefer prints.

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      3. It’s good to know what works for you. For a long time, my mom put me in gold, army green, brown–because that’s what she like, and I had her brown eyes. Later, I discovered I’m a winter palette, and it changed my wardrobe!! I LOVE my best colors :). Took my mom a while to accept it, but she finally did. She was an autumn.

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    1. It was. And I experienced another delight this morning when I glanced out the side window before church and saw a number of sharp-tailed grouse browsing beside the deck — almost under my window! At least a dozen, running around between here and the garage and the water bowl on the lawn. Got a good look at their markings. They stayed awhile, then headed for back yard and poked around under my clothesline. Then I looked out the front window and saw a SECOND flock of 8-10 closer to the road. Two bunches in one morning is pretty good!

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