Would You Ever?

The Lame Magpie

Would you ever feel
a smidge of sympathy
for a lame magpie?
Yes, one of those
obnoxious pests
greedy pigs,
black & white gangsters!

Sure, it can still fly…
but if you saw it every day
hobbling across your yard
picking at bird seed
scattered for the sparrows,
would your heart be touched
in some small way?

If you’d see its crippled leg
buckle at each step,
see it shunned and shooed
by its own kind,
would you ever feel
just the teensiest bit
sorry for the thing?

Image: OpenClipArt Vectors — Pixabay

For the past month a lame magpie has been hobbling around our yard, and I must confess that I do feel a bit sorry for the bird, in spite of its many generic faults. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Would You Ever?

      1. When he was a teenager, my dad had a magpie. I don’t know the circumstances, but the magpie stayed with my dad all the time, rode around on his hat and knew a bunch of words.


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