Rule of Thirds

The weekend is here again and so is Sammi’s weekend writing prompt. With only sixteen words allowed, this should be a quick one!

Art Instructor

Rule of thirds imperative in art.
Move your boat to an intersection.
Straighten that poor sea!”

14 thoughts on “Rule of Thirds

      1. One thing I’ve learned is that different cultures have different conventions for art. I didn’t realize that Chinese painting had affected me at all until I did the painting of me, Bear and the tree. One of my artist colleagues criticized the composition. I thought, “Huh? Who the F are you? Can’t you SEE what I did here? The sky dominates EVERYTHING in our world and THAT’S what I painted.” I just said, “Yeah. I see what you mean.”

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      2. Here in Sask, this flat land that bills itself “The Land of Living skies” I can certainly understand “the sky dominates everything.” Sometime I want to paint just SKY! But yes, no point arguing about perspectives.

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