Sale! Sale!

Unseen between the lines
for the most incredible sales–
the lowest, absolutely lowest
prices of the season
(or the season-to-come)
squeaks the plaintive plea:
"Come shop, come buy!
Keep our store well away
from that dreaded red line."

Pardon me! I do got on about this. Comes of seeing my In-Box popping with the latest ads. Christmas items half-price this week! (And next week…and the week after…) Even FlyLady’s tools are in the Christmas Sale bin now. Fabricland ran an ad this week advertising a Pre-Black Friday Weekend Sale, Nov 4-7th. Shriek! I could block these ads but, being a crafter in cloth as well as art supplies, I do like to know about these sales.

The Fabricland e-mail asks, “Isn’t Black Friday Better Early?” No! If I had my druthers Black Friday would disappear and never return — especially here in Canada. We don’t need to import every invasive species! But…sigh…would it make any difference? “A sale by any other name…” and all that. Pre-Boxing Day Sales should start in three weeks. Do Americans get bombarded with those?

Do sales ads get you enthused, or are you POCOCURANTE re: sales? (My newest dictionary discovery. 🙂 )

Graphic Image by Pete Linforth — Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Sale! Sale!

    1. Welcome to the Eccentrics Club. I’ve learned over time that getting the lowest price on two metres of fabric doesn’t always compensate for the time spent — and ensuing weariness from — standing in long lines at super-busy cash registers.

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      1. Absolutely it does not and we can’t get the time back. I’m a big shopper on eBay and Amazon. Find what I want, order it, wait — doesn’t interfere with my life. Same with groceries now. I hate shopping and I don’t really “want” anything. I’m happy when I get something great that helps me, though, like my new shoes. ❤

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      2. I guess there’s good and bad to both avenues. Especially in Canada, folks say, “Buy local; support our own businesses, not Amazon.” On the other hand, the “local” folks frequent is often a multi-national chain like Walmart, so…

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    1. And now, with so many stores here, you’re supposed to be a member. So the members get 50% off during the weekend, then everyone gets 50% off Tues-Sat.

      Actually I think pricing as a whole is built on pricing stuff at double what they hope to get for it. The store can run half-price sales and still make a profit; if the stuff doesn’t sell after a year, it’s “Super Sale! 70% off” — likely just above their original cost. Buyers are thrilled to get expensive $20 per metre fabric for $6 that actually cost the store $4 a metre.


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