The Secret Story

It’s been awhile since I dabbled in fiction, but today I feel I must write some kind of story. So I’ll try the Six Sentence Story Prompt, where the given word is PLAY.


Are you going to play around with that thing all day or are you going to get ready to go,” Janaya snapped as she pulled on her tennis shoes.

“Give me a minute more; I want to get this motion sensor camera set up and working right before we go,” her brother responded, “because I’m sure someone’s been sneaking into the house while we’re away.”

Timothy clicked the box shut and placed it carefully on the shelf, partly concealed by a vase of artificial flowers, arranging it to point directly at the front door.

A few days later Timothy took the camera down and took out the SIM card so he could view the data collected. Janaya and her mother came running when they heard him shout, “Aha! I just knew it.”

Which is how they finally discovered their Uncle Kelvin had been sneaking in to use their computer when they weren’t home because he was too embarrassed to let anyone know he was trying to become the next Stephen King.

20 thoughts on “The Secret Story

    1. If I could have used more sentences, I could have elaborated on my idea that Uncle Kelvin lost his job several months ago and, now desperate, rather than admit this to his family and have them all depressed, he’s decided to secretly write and (hopefully) present them with the income from his first best-seller. Sadly, I couldn’t go that deep in a short space. 🙂

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