Grandpa’s Weather

Happy December 1, everyone!

Image: Hans Benn — Pixabay

I wrote that it snowed Sunday night and most of Monday. Well it snowed again yesterday evening for several hours, fine fluffy stuff. I went out this morning and cleared a space where I could sprinkle birdseed. Now I see it’s snowing again. As usual we’re happy to have precipitation, though we wouldn’t have minded this as rain in late September. Anyway, digging around in my DropBox I unearthed this poem written in Jan 2015.

Grandpa’s Weather Vocabulary

Grandpa never gripes at weather
he observes when we’re together.
Some’s “unique” and some is “curious”;
some is “needful”; some is “serious.”

Some is “cheery”; some is “better”;
some is “warmer”; some is “wetter.”
Yet he finds it all relaxing
though we others call it “taxing.”

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