Prairie Wind

Good morning everyone. Hope you’re upbeat about this new week? The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is YAMMER. M-W tells me that to yammer is to
1) utter repeated cries of distress or sorrow: Whimper
2) utter persistent complaints: Whine
3) talk persistently or volubly and often loudly: Grouse or kvetch

So I’ll yammer (2) about the prairie wind. This word is offered by fellow prairie girl, Sgeoil, and I know she will agree that our wind can be rather trying and drying at times. For all that, I love this land and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else on this earth.

Prairie Wind

The wind, the wind
always the wind
lashing and thrashing the trees
endless wind, a friendless wind
wind that will yammer for days

It dries you, fries you
wants to despise you
snatching your own breath away
it pings you and zings you
with knife points of grit and gray.

It silts you, wilts you
when you walk it tilts you,
its howling can drive you insane
and when you can’t stand
any more gritty sand
it hits you with driving rain.

Winter season, more reason
when your blood is freezin’
to abandon this country of woes
cold is deep, snow banks heap
and icy wind pierces your clothes.

10 thoughts on “Prairie Wind

  1. There is a lot of prairie where I lived in southern Minnesota as a teen. No hills or mountains to slow down the wind, and especially during plowing, the dirt gets carried everywhere. I remember walking against the wind coming home from school, about a mile, in junior high. It was hard to hold anything down, including our full, gathered skirts 🙂

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    1. Oh, yes! Walking, barely holding your own, against a stiff wind. And full skirts… I remember one lady circa 1960 telling how she stopped for gas and a man came along just as a playful breeze fluffed up her full skirt. “And there I stood with my hem up around my eyebrows and he’s asking if he can help me. So embarrassing!”

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