Life’s Little Pests

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is MOSQUITO.

When one young Englishman was thinking of coming to Canada, his uncle encouraged him. Uncle had spent a few years in Canada and thought it was a pretty good place. “I’ll tell you all about Canada — except for two things. I won’t tell you about the Canadian winters or mosquitoes.”

Here are a couple of quick haiku on the topic of these pests.

tasting my leukemic blood
will we survive?
fleeing the war zone
even in our sorrow

9 thoughts on “Life’s Little Pests

    1. Well, it’s kind of inspired, but yes, a little dark. 🙂
      Had a blood test today in prep for my Cancer Clinic appt Monday. NOT nice. Some techs are whizzes–or some veins hold up?–but it took 4 tries, both arms + a hand vein to get those two tubes filled. 😦

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    1. Mosquitoes are a bane wherever they are found — and when you have other misery, that extra menace could be a great grief. But maybe the birds need and enjoy them?
      I’m not sure if my tech was inept or if my vein was. She got the first tube filled but then it shut down. One the other arm she got nothing. Poor girl was apologizing profusely and called someone more experienced. Even she got nothing and had to use a hand vein to fill the second tube. Big bruise this morning.

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      1. Birds and bats can have them all, thank you!
        Hmmm… A good tech can handle difficult veins. For my first pregnancy blood work, the tech buggered me up so much, I was black and blue from armpit to wrist … okay, maybe a couple inches less on either side. But still. When I had to go for the glucose test, needless to say, I was terrified. Nothing. Barely a mark… Blame the tech!

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