Define The Word

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning was QUESTION. What a wondrous word this is, cracking open zillions of possibilities. I’ve already used it in my earlier post, but I’ll have another go, this one with a quiz for you.

This is a question for lovers of exotic words. I came across a delicious new word–GALLIMAUFRY–a couple of days ago. Here are some possible definitions. But which is the right one?

a) a Turkish salamander
b) a newly-discovered Australian insect
c) a galette with added cheese, seasoned with comfrey
d) a casserole of leftovers tossed together
e) the caustic rant of a curmudgeon

You can find the answer HERE at M-W or HERE at Lexico

Have fun using it!

14 thoughts on “Define The Word

  1. I’m choosing “d”–just because another word for it is “slumgullion,” and while they’re not similar (the two words), the word “gallimaufry” made me think of “slumgullion.” Then I looked it up. Looked them both up. 🙂

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      1. It’s actually pretty good. Different varieties, but the one most familiar is something we always called “hamburger mac.” Hamburger, macaroni, tomato juice, onions and green peppers, best with a thick layer of cheese. Comfort food 🙂

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