Haiku Trio

When I clicked new post, a question showed up: Who do you envy? Martha K has been writing about WordPress asking prompt questions, but I guess I’ve never paid any attention. And since we all know that it’s wrong to envy other people, there’s no way I’m going to touch this one. 😉

So I shall continue with my response to this morning’s Ragtag Daily Prompt, which is TRIPLE. I’ve decided to do a trio of haiku and one mono-ku:

triple savings store ads claim you need need need
“White Christmas”
rings through the mall
three inches of rain
trio of ravens
picks at a dying deer
three new meth labs

three alley cats
stalk our English sparrows
invasive species

10 thoughts on “Haiku Trio

  1. I also learned how to stop those prompts from appearing. 🙂 envy is a really ugly thing. I felt it in 2020 when I friend got to go to my life-long dream destination and I knew there was no way I could go, not financially, not physically. I NEVER want to feel that again.

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      1. What made it worse was that I TOLD her to go there (Petra) and when she did I felt envious. I just told her straight up what had happened and that I was sorry. For me, then, having come to terms with it, it was fine, but not for her. She didn’t even want to show me pictures of her trip, but I was really over it and I wanted to see the photos. We’re just so human. Somebody is always going to have or do something we wish we could have or do. One of my neighbors seems to think she has the right to express her envy of me in very nasty terms. She has no idea what she calls my “privileges” cost me and she doesn’t care. I avoid her. Envy can take over an entire person. Those seven deadly sins? They are truly deadly. Not just to our possibly immortality, but to us right now living in this world with others. Warp everything. Sad sad sad. Anyway, I never want to feel that again — but I might.

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      2. I’m sure everyone falls into that ditch — as you say, we’re human — but some people stay there. First with one person, then with others, and finally drifts into a deep settled self-pity. Then it’s reinforced because people are apt to avoid someone who’s theme song is, “I never get any breaks.”

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