Assorted Reinventions

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today, REINVENT, sent my mind spinning down many paths…

You can reinvent a blog. I reinvented Swallow in the Wind, a blog I started specifically to post my poetry, as Word Buds. Here I posted various new-to-me and novel words like HUBRIS. Eventually I ran out of steam and finally let the domain name lapse. However, I like this blog and have thought often of renewing the domain and posting on it again sometimes.

You can reinvent a blog post, turn a comment to someone into a post, turn a haiku into a poem or vice versa. You can reinvent an article or story, make it suitable for a different audience.

Over at BooksandBakes1 I see how a book store owner has reinvented the Advent calendar. Athina at Lost and Bound Books “created this amazing book advent calendar”: a 31-day box of wrapped books. Charley is enjoying the surprise of opening a new present each day. to read how her adventure starts, CLICK HERE.

I thought this would be a neat idea for fans of puzzles. Perhaps not for all month, but it might be a great Christmas gift: wrap up seven puzzles and the recipient can open one each day from Dec 25-Jan 1. Should be okay for jigsaws — or duplicates can be pt away and done later– but the giver would have to be prudent buying puzzle books because the receiver is apt to have the same current books the giver’s bought for them.

Image: Monika — Pixabay

I’ve been reading a book–actually Books 1 & 5 in the COZY UP series by Colin Conway. According to his Amazon bio, this is a man who’s worn many hats in his day and has now reinvented himself as an author. His protagonist, a former outlaw motorcycle gang bookkeeper (read eliminator) turns FBI informant and is reinvented (Book 1) as a bookstore owner by the WitSec program. Alas, he has no clue about books so doesn’t do well. Then when he tangles with a local mobster this cozy turns rather Phillip Marlowe-ish. In Book 5 he’s hiding out as a Santa at the mall. Less violence and his grouchy personality just doesn’t fit, but he does manage to do some good before it’s time to move on.

All my life I’ve dreamed of reinventing myself as a super-neat housekeeper. Or at least an organized person. Sigh… As Raymond Chandler wrote, farewell my lovely.

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