Hot Dogs Anyone?

A new-to-me word from the Ragtag Daily Prompt today: TERETE

And looking it up, I learn that it’s a cylinder, or approximately cylindrical shape, usually tapering at both ends. I may be unfamiliar with the word, but the shape comes readily to mind. A sausage! Or this hot dog and bun –an Open Clickart Vector from Pixabay.

Or this intriguing creature posted by Greg McMahon on Pixabay

Speaking of writing prompts WordPress has given me an invitation to join Bloganuary and so yesterday I signed up. They offer a badge I could download and post on my blog, but I haven’t been able to figure it out, which is why you don’t see it in my sidebar. I don’t know how well I’ll be able to keep up, but it should be interesting to see what prompts they come up with.

Jerry Jenkins, a writing guru I follow, sent a list to his subscribers of 100 writing prompts. Click here to read them. And these are a challenge. What do you think of this one? “I’d like a plane ticket to your farthest destination today,” you tell the airline employee. Write a page of dialogue in which you dance around what you’re escaping from.

Though this morning I am having TROUBLE publishing this blog post. I just hope you subscribers finally get all of it. The URL wasn’t right and when I tried to fix it, I lost part of my post and the formatting. Grrr…

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