Curiosity Cure

Here’s a belated response to GirlieOnThe Edge’s SIX SENTENCE STORIES where the prompt word is VAULT.

Curiosity Cured the Cat

“The gate’s padlocked, Witt,” Lee grumbled, “and that means keep out –which is also what that sign says, in case you can’t read.”

His pal turned from peering through a thin crack and said, “this isn’t that high; I can vault over it no problem.”

“Yeah, maybe, but what’s on the other side that you have to see; this is an experimental station, after all, and if you show up uninvited they might experiment on you.”

Itching with curiosity, no way was Witt going to give up, but jumped up, grabbed the top of the wooden gate and pulled himself over.

“Remember, curiosity killed the cat,” Lee called – but it was too late.

When Gavin Wittenburg was allowed to exit that gate again two hours later, ashen-faced and trembling, his curiosity was more than satisfied.

Because I’m only allowed six sentences, you will have to imagine his two hours inside. 🙂 You can read other responses visa the Link Here

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