NYR: Sort out WP!

Good morning everyone. It’s Boxing Day here in Canada and we’re snug and warm after an “Alberta clipper” blew through Saturday night and dumped snow on us. We couldn’t make it to church yesterday because of the snow drifts on our driveway — our son-in-law came with his little Takeuchi skid-steer and plowed so we could join them for Christmas dinner. However, we’re very thankful for “streaming” so we could listen to the service.

I just read the post on Boxing Day that Brian over at Writing from the Heart with Brian and I wrote a nice long comment in response. Saturday when I tried to subscribe to his blog, I couldn’t. In the end I went into my Reader and typed out his URL. But today when I tried to post my comment, I couldn’t. No way. If you read this, Brian, my efforts likely landed in your SPAM queue.

So here’s my take on Boxing Day in Canada. Folks from the UK can add their traditions as comments.
Boxing Day has been a long-standing tradition in England and most of her one-time dominions. I’m not sure if boxing up gifts for others carried over very long after the wars. I never saw anyone doing this here in Sask but I have heard of it being done — maybe by some church-going people?
People could not shop on Boxing Day. It was — in fact is still is in our province — a legal holiday with stores and banks shut. When I was a girl nothing was open on Sundays, Good Friday, Dec 25+26, etc., until Walmart came along and got special exemptions from Sunday + holiday store-closing laws. Now a lot of stores here are open–shorter hours–on Sundays. there will be some parts of Canada with laxer laws on store-opening hours.

Thinking of SPAM queues for a moment, has anyone else noticed that there’s no EMPTY SPAM button anymore. I didn’t realize this until I chanced to click on my SPAM comments queue — something I do every blue moon. I found over 250 messages and was dismayed to find they needed to be individually clicked on. I used bulk edit to delete a page of spam, but still must click each message box separately.

Saturday I made my first New Year’s Resolution in a long time: Sort out this issue with WordPress, whose artificial intelligence steadfastly refuses to recognize my current e-mail address. Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions or have you abandoned the practice? anyway, here’s to new beginnings!

Stream image by Jonny Gios — Pixabay

9 thoughts on “NYR: Sort out WP!

  1. I hear your frustration with some new WP functions! I have discovered that if you click on the author right above the list of spam comments and click bulk edit drop down you can delete in bulk. Mine does 20 at a time.

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  2. Thanks for the perspective on Boxing Day Christine! Obviously a new one for me. If you still have WP problems with my site. I would appreciate knowing. I’ve come to love blobbing, but still have had a few frustrations with WP. Thanks for stopping by my site. Love your blog.

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    1. Hi Brian. Sadly, I’m not having problems with your site only. In the past six months I usually have to log in to leave comments on sites I’ve followed for years — and rarely, if ever, can I LIKE a comment the person makes in response to mine. It won’t recognize my e-mail address. I have to get this sorted out.

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  3. Resolutions I made in the past rarely lasted more than a few days, so this year I’ve resolved not to make any!

    As for cantankerous WP, I often find myself considering a return to Blogger where things for me in the past were far simpler!


    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve left it go over the holiday, but do hope I can get this sorted out soon. I was on Blogger for awhile, but I couldn’t find a way to have much interaction with others. No Reader, as I recall.


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