Some Native Words

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is ESCULENT

Image: Rita E at: Pixabay

Lady Northorpe was throwing one of her famous parties. The guests had gathered in the ball room and servants were offering around trays of food prepared by their chef.

Dame Snootwich ogled the dainties on the tray a servant was holding out. “Oh, these look almost too good to eat!”

The butler, passing at that moment, said, “I assure you, my Lady, our chef’s delicacies are all quite esculent.

After the butler had left the room, Dame S turned to the serving girl. “Whatever did he mean by that odd word?”

“I think it means edible, my Lady. Our butler came from the colonies, a place called Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They speak some native language there – Cree, I think they call it – so his English has a few foreign words mixed in.”

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