Path to the Goal

The Bloganuary challenge today asks:
What is something you want to achieve this year?
I see there are 73 responses to date.

Hmmm.. I thought maybe the Bloganuary challenge would be more stimulating. Writer’s Digest suggestion for today: What are your New Year’s resolutions? Take one and create a fictional story surrounding it.

What do I want to achieve? I think everyone at the beginning of a new year asks themselves this question. Very Efficient People say you should ask it every morning — before you turn on the computer — and make a list. Goals for Today.

Our preacher this morning started his sermon by asking if any of us made a New Year’s resolution. The stats on folks who made a resolution and KEPT it, he said, is about 8%. Abysmal! My few are more like New Month resolutions:
–deal with WP issues (mentioned that already)
–no e-book purchases in January! (made enough in Dec to keep me reading awhile)
–write shorter blog posts (divide long-winded rambles into two)
–finish the book for teens I started long ago (started editing my ms that last month)

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: word is PATH

“The road of life’s a winding road that twists and turns its way
through joy and jubilation, disappointment and dismay…”

J.M. Robertson from the poem Life’s Highway

The path of my life is going to wind through the doors of the Cancer Clinic, likely next month, since my CLL is getting more active. I’m very thankful there is a treatment, though.

Our front sidewalk and the narrow, shoveled-out path leading from the house to our garage are like tunnels now, with two-foot snowdrifts on either side. We’ve had heaps of snow since Nov 7th. the sloughs will be full this spring!

Image: Alain Audet — Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Path to the Goal

      1. I can’t find the link/location of submissions; therefore, mine is not on the list yet. Can you help me by sending a link for me to cut and paste? Thanks so much if you can do so.

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      2. I just typed in Bloganuary and got there, but if you go to the to of my post where the word Bloganuary appears in blue, and click on it, the link will take you to the official site and you can sign up. Have fun. 🙂


  1. This amount of snow sounds like it will make for a very lovely spring! I was happy to see a more simple prompt, fits with my “Happy New Year! What I’m Looking Forward to in ____” series I’ve done for the past few years as a marker for what I’d like to do in upcoming year… though many of mine are similar continuing each year. We’ll see what tomorrow beholds!

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