Effective or Stop-Gap?

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt word is STOP-GAP

When I talked to my oncologist last month, she said I could start treatment for my leukemia any time I’m ready, and gave me the choice of two options: intense chemo for a year or one pill for the rest of my life. The intense version, she says, would be chemo by IV every week for a few months followed by every two weeks for a few months followed by once a month for the rest of the year — with very frequent blood tests for those first few months. I told her I wasn’t ready to begin yet.

However, my lymph nodes are starting to be affected and my energy level has plummeted in the past month. I had a blood test, then saw my family doctor yesterday. He says, yes, my white cell count has gone up again, though not so much this time. He supported the idea that I may as well start treatment, seeing as the condition won’t improve. I told him what the oncologist was offering as my options. Of course I’d rather have the pills than all that chemo, but I want the most effective treatment, not just a stop-gap measure that might leave me mumbling along.

Anyway, he’s sending me for an ultrasound re: the swollen gland by my ear, and I’ve started the treatment process by lining up an appointment with my oncologist. Again, a phone appointment. A stop-gap measure, in my opinion. Perhaps the Cancer Clinic doctors are just too busy to see patients unless absolutely necessary, and my case is pretty standard? For them it’s the blood test numbers that really tell the tale. No matter. I have a good GP I can see as needed.

Image: Mohamed Hassan — Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Effective or Stop-Gap?

  1. It’s really hard to know everything that is going on and sometimes I think docs think we know and we don’t know. I think you’re wise to prefer something more than a stop-gap measure. I’m also sorry you’re faced with a decision like this.

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    1. Thanks. It would be wonderful to be healthy, but…and all that. 🙂 I think patients about have to take a hand in their own health these days, more than when we were young, as doctors have less time.
      My Doctor told me the pill would be very effective or the oncologist wouldn’t have suggested it, so I’m pretty sure that’s the way I’ll go. 🙂 Chemo by IV brings its own set of woes.


    1. I can hardly see my way through to starting intense chemo in winter now, driving into the city a couple of times a week for several months. I’m trusting the pill will do the trick, but need more info when I talk to her (my C.C. dr) next Thurs.

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