Three Tears

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is BLUR. I’m going to revamp an old story in response:


In a small English town two young women were crying, each in a blur of emotions. As the tears fell, an angel came and gently gathered them into a box to present before the Lord.

While they were waiting to present their stories and seek comfort for those who cried them, two of these tears met. “Whose tear are you,” the first tear asked.

“I’m a tear of regret,” the second tear answered. “Jill cried me this morning because she was so in love with Pete Cooper, but she dithered over the decision and he married Judy instead.”

“Interesting! I’m Judy’s tear of regret,” said the first tear. “She cried me because she married Pete Cooper and he isn’t the easiest person to live with.”

A moment later a third tear came along. “Whose tear are you,” the first tear asked. “You seem to be all alone.”

“Yes, I’m the one tear Pete Cooper shed this morning in a moment of frustration. He regrets staying here instead of emigrating to Australia. He sacrificed his dream on the marriage altar, now his future’s a gray blur of same-old same-old.”

OpenClipart-Vectors — Pixabay

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