This Fizz Biz

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today was FIZZY, and my response will be brief.

Fizzy brings to mind soft drinks, or pop, my Achilles’ heel, as it were. One digestive NO-NO that I must heed. I’m one of the few people who can’t drink carbonated beverages straight from a bottle or can. After I’ve had only a few swallows, all those little fizzies gang up on me. They form into one big ball of air in my stomach, rise up into my windpipe–and suddenly I just can’t breathe. I rather start gagging, trying to burp up that ball of gas.

No, if I want to have fizzy pop, I have to pour it, from high up, into a glass. If the drink is really fizzy, I’ll even stir it a bit to expel the bubbles. I don’t like pop that’s absolutely flat, just pop that’s lost at least half its carbonation.

Everyone has their issues, and that’s one of mine.

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