A Motley Tale

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is MOTLEY

Definitions being:
– variegated
– made up of many different people or things
– a woolen fabric of mixed colours, made centuries ago in England
– a jester or fool
– a mixture especially of incongruous elements

I thought of how Lewis Carroll pulled so many bits and pieces from various tales and rhymes and wove them together for his Alice in Wonderland. Definitely a motley crew of characters.

And my muse said, “Well, why not?” So…

A Motley Verse

The cobbler and the carpenter went walking one fine day.
They wandered through a woods ablaze with leaves of scarlet gray.
There in the trees they came upon a runaway London bus
and said, “This thing should be returned. I guess it’s up to us.”

They drove it to the Firth of Forth and crossed to Isle of Skye
but never did reach London town. (They can’t imagine why!)
So they loaded it on a Viking ship and joined the hearty crew
whose destination was the Thames, much to London’s rue.

The bus was set there on the dock; the drivers held for ransom.
The price was gained, the sacking done by these invaders handsome.
Fatigued, the cobbler and carpenter then caught their train for home:
the 4:50 from Paddington — as mentioned in the tome.

They spotted the crime that set Miss Marple on her sleuthing plan,
and testified at the trial that the doctor was truly the man.
At last they reached their homes and settled back to normal life,
each of them soundly scolded for his wanderings by his wife.

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