My Week in Haiku

wrung-out dishcloth
hanging over the sink
fourth day of chemo

That’s how I felt yesterday. 😦

Not sure if I can blame the pills, which I started taking Sunday morning, or if it was “just a headache” such as I have now and then. Tuesday night I went to bed with one, which persisted until morning, giving me some queasy moments. At 4 am I prayed a desperate prayer for relief, which did come, thankfully. My headache eased up to bearable. Pain meds made me drowsy all morning, so I spent a good part of it napping in the recliner. Felt so much better in the afternoon.

sunshine after the storm a petrichor of gratitude

Sunday and Monday my oomph level was somewhere below sea level. At times like that, I read a lot. Now I’ve started Lost Luggage by Samantha Tonge. (Is it true that in England airports send unclaimed luggage to an auction and anyone can buy them?)

Thankfully I feel back to normal this morning, so I trust this will be a more productive day. I’ve already evicted some dust bunnies – returned them to the great outdoors where they can roam at will.

dust bunnies
gather in my corners
one more chapter

Tuesday morning I was having a serious problem with my Kobo e-reader when I tried to change the account’s e-mail address. I messed with it for an hour or so, but couldn’t reconnect to our Wifi here. I took it over to my daughter’s place after school; it took my twelve-year-old grandson about five minutes to get me all set up again and my latest purchases downloaded. Of course. 😉

4 thoughts on “My Week in Haiku

  1. So sorry you are feeling the ill-effects of chemo. My friend said it was three days of hell and 11 of good – but that was with the drip. I don’t remember what he said about the pills.
    Hopefully it was just the initial hit that bothered you. Sending you well-wishes!
    As for the Kobo… handy to have 12-year-olds around to help with our technical difficulties!

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    1. These pills are supposed to have few side effects for most people, but headaches are one of them. I don’t have one today, though, so here’s hoping.
      My doctor says this isn’t really chemo-therapy as such, but “targeted therapy” that specifically targets the cancer cells, preventing them from multiplying.
      And yes, it’s so handy to have the young ones around to fix us up with their tech smarts.

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