To A Jet Plane

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is PINNACLE. And since my Ode to a Camel went over well, here’s another verse along those lines. It’s been resting in my DropBox files awaiting a final polish.

Jet Plane

Great roaring marvel of man,
Could I just ride along with you?
As you reach the pinnacle of those clouds
where sunbeams bounce on the billows.

Take me where the rain is born,
where thunder begins its rumbling roar
where satellite signals incessantly
skitter across brilliant blue atmosphere

Carry my dreams in your wings,
draw me away to another world
where warm breezes shift the sands
on the beach under cloudless skies.

It’s winter here, our land is barren,
my work so humdrum day to day.
As I see you zip by in a flash of white
how I wish I could travel with you!

Photo by music4Life — Pixabay

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