The Law Won’t Bend

Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt this time is…

I had a bit of fun with this snatch of dialogue…

Too Saturnine

“Judges are too saturnine,” Phil lamented. “No consideration for circumstances.”

“Right! They should have more heart, go easier on poor folks. I owed big time or I would never rob a bank. My sentence should be lighter than rich guys who steal.”

“You shoulda been my lawyer!”

Image: Mohamed Hassan — Pixabay

– born under or influenced astrologically by the planet Saturn
– cold and steady in mood : slow to act or change
Synonyms: black, bleak, cold, desolate, dismal, forbidding, etc.

7 thoughts on “The Law Won’t Bend

    1. These things probably are, more than they used to be. No more “ten years penal servitude” for stealing a loaf of bread. On the other side of the scale, nowadays almost every crook can tell a hard luck story. And addictions are often the motive behind a lot of theft.

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      1. One day an acquaintance was at a local mall collecting money for “alley cat rescue” and had a big jar for donations. Some six-foot-plus teen grabbed her jar and ran off with it. Though she’s small, she’s tough and chased him down, collared him and gave him a few good slaps, saying, “How dare you steal from charity!” Of course folks all around were either dialing 911 or filming this.
        His story in court: “It was almost my eighteenth birthday and I wanted to commit a crime before I turned eighteen.” (Before it would land him in adult court.)
        I wouldn’t have much sympathy for him. 😦
        Thanks for your comments, Dale.

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