Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: TWILIGHT

This is one of my very favorite words! In fact, its imagery of the slowly darkening landscape has appealed to poets song writers all through time.

“You and me alone at twilight time.”

Or the Scottish version
“Roamin’ through the gloamin’ with a lassie by my side.”

I’ve used it in both haiku and poems…

hunter moon
great-horned owl’s silent flight
over twilight fields

breaking waves
fragments of moonlight dance
in the twilight

Songs of Twilight

Piercing the sunset stillness
a scream, descending to a wail,
followed by a dozen more howls
from the wandering coyote band.

Shadows drift along the shelter belt,
as their howls grow faint. A thousand
peepers resume their reedy chant;
in the nearby pond drowsy ducks mutter.

Quarter moon rises over the poplars
casting its silver glow on branches
and birds snuggle into their nests
as twilight creeps over the prairie.

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