Ten-day Note

Hello to all my readers. Here’s a Journal post with health update for those interested, plus a few haiku for those who enjoy it.

I started taking my anti-leukemia pills Feb 5th, so am starting my eleventh day. So far the main side effect has been headaches almost every night, sometimes quite severe and most of the night. Some mornings I’ve felt pretty rotten 😦 Last night wasn’t too bad, though; my headache only started towards morning. The pharmacist tells me this is normal and will go away after several weeks. I sure hope so! I see my oncologist again March 6th and hope we’ll see positive results in my bloodwork.

I’m often composing a haiku verse and this morning I sent ten of them to Heron’s Nest. Here are some others about bygone days. Hope you will enjoy them!

road grader
ridges our country road
grandma’s washboard
wagon wheels
rattle in the lane no more
grandpa's rocker sold
using the tea set
grandma always used
old country roses
penny candy sales
at the village store
weighty decisions

Image: Paul Lievens — Pixabay

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