In My Dreams

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is DREAMS

Of which I have many! I dream of finishing a book of stories I started many years ago. Historical fiction based on accounts from the 1500s.

I dream of sewing again. I sew all my dresses – and my current ones fit the pre-diabetic me.

I dream of painting again. Only touched my paints once in the past year. Terrible!

And of course I dream of spring. I’m glad for all the snow we got this winter, but I’ll be happy to see green grass again.

Work and hobbies both take energy and I’m hoping mine will come back one of these days. Meanwhile I read, do the occasional jigsaw puzzle, feed the local feathered friends, and putter at housework.

I believe I’m on the mend now after a rough month, having headaches, then a painfully sore throat and zero energy for over two weeks. I finally saw a doctor last week Friday and got antibiotics for that. I was wondering Tuesday if I’d even have to go back for a stronger kind, but the germ seems to be defeated now and I’m feeling much better.

Acalabrutinib, the “targeted therapy” cancer drug I’m taking, caused blood vessels to burst, one under my knee and one by my elbow, so I had some lovely bruises. Fading now and I hope that’s the end of that side effect. I still wake up with a bit of a headache most mornings, but it soon goes away once I’m up and having my morning coffee. Coffee is good stuff!

An acquaintance was telling me about a monster-sized tropical fruit, Buah Merah, that’s supposed to be great for everything that ails me. I see it’s available as juice and powder. Anyone heard of it?

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