First Review

Doing Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt yesterday, my muse got enthused about mini-tales. So I did another — now I’ll tweak it a bit to fit this morning’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: SNAIL

First Review

Snail-slow, but finally live…her first novel!
Breathtaking romantic adventure.
Ah, first review!

10 thoughts on “First Review

  1. It’s all personal taste. My books have tons of reviews and some of them demonstrate how the reviewer needs to write his/her own book simply because mine wasn’t what he/she wanted to read. the best was my book about the Swiss Protestant Reformation — a reviewer bitched about all the Biblical references in a book about religion! 🤣

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is personal taste or expectation.
      And I’ve seen a few reviews like you mention: reader normally doesn’t read this topic/genre, so didn’t like this book. Also books clearly about Christian characters and the reader gripes, “Didn’t expect all this religion.”
      It’s clear some reviewers haven’t read the book well, either, complaining about something that never actually happens in this story. Maybe it did in another book in the series?

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