Sizzles & Fizzles

Don’t you just hate it when things explode in the microwave? I was heating up a few chunks of pork in BBQ sauce for dinner, and left it a bit too long. I heard this “POP” and my meat mix sprayed all over the mike. Quite a clean up operation!

When I got up this morning at 7:30 the temp was -20 C and the trees decorated with hoarfrost. Lovely start to the day! The sun came up and soon the frost was dusting down. I took a short walk down our lane to get a bit of fresh air. While the temp hasn’t got up to -10, the warmth of the sun has been melting some of our snow and ice. I see the forecast is for warmer days to come, so spring will soon be here.

Sadly, I haven’t been feeling the best this week. Had a sore throat two weeks ago and finally got antibiotics that cleared it up. I had a few really good days this past weekend, but Wed morning I woke up with a sore throat and sinus problem again, and it’s persisting. I’ve decided to see a doctor today. Last time around I suffered for about ten days before going for help; this time I’m not going to wait. Just don’t have the immunity to get over it without help.

My energy has fizzled again, which is why I haven’t been doing much blogging. Some days I even feel like throwing out all my house plants because I just haven’t the energy to water them! “To everything there is a season,” and this seems to be my season to snail along until my immunity builds up and energy levels come back. So if I’m not posting or visiting my fellow bloggers as often, you know why. I do appreciate all of you who read my scribblings and follow this blog, and wish you all a great weekend.

12 thoughts on “Sizzles & Fizzles

  1. Hey – take some time out. Health and wellness, or lack of, can take it’s toll. Sit back and let the plants look after themselves for a few days. Stop blowing things up in the microwave and make a sandwich. 😉 Hang in there girl.

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  2. I feel so sorry for you Christine – and for your microwave! House plants are considered to be very good for one’s well-being so I hope they didn’t get evicted! You wrote it a couple of days ago, hopefully, things have improved for you now.

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