National Poetry Month

I’ve just realized National Poetry Month starts April 1st.
Here’s the link from the League of Canadian Poets.
I imagine a lot of bloggers — and very good poets — will be taking up this challenge in April. Will you be one of them?

Hmm… Could I actually write a poem every day for a month? For sure I could string together words – even verses that rhyme – but how many would be very memorable, would resonate with readers? How about…

The Flirt

Roses are pink;
violets are mauve.
He may give you a wink
but his eye’s apt to rove.

Or maybe I’d have this discussion with my muse…

into my coffee
searching its creamy swirl
for poetic ideas.
Calling up my muse
ordering her
to dream up a verse.

“I’m busy,” she says.
"Tied up with your last
WIP. Remember,
you haven't finished it yet.
Call me later."

"Well, then – shall I
turn to AI?
You’ll be redundant, Muse.
Out of a job
if you don’t get cracking!"

“Fire me
and you’ll be brain dead
next year,” she replies

8 thoughts on “National Poetry Month

    1. Thank you for encouraging my poetic bent. I’m so tech-challenged I don’t know how to access AI. Also I have so many of my own thoughts I want to polish and share! “Use it or lose it.” So I fear my brain will atrophy if I don’t write. 😉

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    1. I remember you doing that challenge. 🙂 Seems to me it wouldn’t be easy to come up with thirty days of verses I’d be proud to own afterwards.
      People who write, like us, love to write. Something, anything! It’s people who find writing a drudgery who ask AI to do the work for them. Not much different than paying a classmate to write that book report you’re supposed to do.


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