Birthday Musings

Since April is National Poetry Month, this can be my verse for Day One. I wrote this on March 27, 2015 and have given it a fresh polishing.

Birthday Musings

Today I’ll bake myself a cake
and thank God I’m growing old.
Arthritis is a pain sometimes,
and my short-term memory short circuits,
but I still get around on my own two feet,
and, wandering room to room, I usually
recall what I’m here after.

I still have friends among the living,
a few relatives that care to call,
descendants to congratulate me,
and coffee to boost my “young at heart”
when my get-up-and-go takes off.

I may not be lovely growing old,
as that old poem recounts 
with sentimental flair;
I feel like “old lace” that’s lost it’s starch
or ivory with a few chipped edges.

No, I’m not so gracefully growing old – 
“graceful” slipped away some years ago – 
but, Lord, this my prayer for my senior years:
may I grow more grateful as I’m growing old.
Floral art image by JL G — Pixabay

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