A Cosmic Law?

Have You Noticed…

a hole in your sock
always finds a toe,
a coin, the hole in a pocket
a law of the universe
the curious sheep
finds the one gap in the fence,
the Sunday-dressed child
find a puddle en route
fly balls are drawn toward
neighbours’ windows
and roving deer toward
the choicest blooms
a law of fatal attraction,
was written down in stone
on the day Eve reached
for one forbidden fruit?

7 thoughts on “A Cosmic Law?

  1. “the Sunday-dressed child
    find a puddle en route”
    Reminds me of the Sunday morning that a neighbors knocked on our door to ask if we knew where our two year old daughter was. I looked out to see our little doll, dressed in her Sunday best, hair pulled up in the perfect pony tail – sitting in a mud puddle, tossing muddy water up and laughing as it rained down on her. 🤣

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