Again stepping over
the sprawled out cat
exercising his right
to own space wherever
he wishes to flop
and be stepped over.

Seriously overstepping
his role of domestic
animal, rather assuming
the role of potentate.
Big Kahuna. Top dog

I’m expected to pussyfoot,
meekly step over or around,
because why should he
disturb his relaxation
for a domestic like me?

(Who’s tempted to step on his tail!)

Inspired when our black Angus decided to sprawl in front of the dryer the other day. Thankfully he did move — because somehow a wad of tissues got left in a pocket – and shredded. You know the story. Snowing in the hallway… 😦

Anyway, happy “Hump Day” as some call Wednesday. We’re having beautiful spring weather! Our lawn is dragging itself out of the deep snow banks and my large flowerpots are appearing through the heaps shovelled beside our door. Last Saturday a friend saw a large flock of bluebirds perched out along a fence; Sunday I was surprised to see a mourning dove light under our feeder pole. Early for them, I thought.

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