The Deleting Hour

Another Diverse Verse. 🙂

The Deleting Hour

Oh, why can’t I keep up!
So much to read,
interesting, attention-worthy;
so much to write – 
hopefully interesting,
hopefully worthy.

Alas, so little time...or
so much time wasted?
(Never can be sure.)
So I leave in-comers;
I fondly dream of going back
to read everything I've missed.
But when?

Can’t seem to keep
up-to-date – and later
doesn't hang out here – so
once every blue moon
or my In-box might...

Vital saved e-mails
buried in the debris
of two years’ worth
of writing prompts,
likes, comments, ads,
and other bloggers’ posts.

I don’t know if my verse is very creative, but I made a start at “Deleting Hour” this afternoon. I usually delete posts when I’ve read and responded, but today I deleted almost a year’s worth of e-mails I’d thought worth saving for future reference. (Just another 18 months to go.) What do you do? Delete as soon as you’ve read and/or responded to? Or don’t you bother deleting anything? Ever delete an e-mail, then find out it was a vital address or info?

10 thoughts on “The Deleting Hour

    1. That would be an idea, though if I didn’t get posts in my e-mail, I think I’d miss so many. “Out of sight out of mind.” But posts are only half. Really, I should unsubscribe to misc stuff like BookCave, Amazon, and GoodReads updates. But when they ask me to review a book I’ve read, I intend to write one as soon as I have time, so I leave the e-mail and…

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      1. I just get posts in my reader. It works. 🙂 Yeah, I cut out a lot of stuff from my email but I still get a lot mostly from stuff I’m doing close to home, like the museum and the literary magazines in the San Luis Valley. I really dislike BookReads (don’t know why) but I do things there once in a while — I have to post reviews from the contest there. I don’t get emails from them any more. It’s so easy to end up with tons of stuff to do and then the day is gone and you’re left wondering what happened to it!

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  1. My delete key is quite active every morning. Political come-ons, people who are soliciting for money for whatever, anything I know Terry nor I will ever look at. I also do at least one unsubscribe every day. I hate junk email that shows up in my inbox unsolicited and unwanted!

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    1. I’m thankful that I don’t often get pure junk e-mail. It’s often like ads from stores I do frequent — and these days seems you have to sign up for a “Club” everywhere you shop. 😦 Last night I unsubscribed to several things.
      My backup’s mainly from the time I didn’t feel like dealing with much–and all the posts I was going to go back and read when I had more time. Sigh… I worked another hour last night and got back to Nov 1st 2021. 🙂

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