Alphabetic Friends

This morning over at the NaPoWriMo site, the prompt is to write an abecedarian poem. (What a mouthful!) Simply, a poem using all 26 letters, either with each letter beginning a line as I have done, or just 26 word in total. I’d like to try this again sometime, using a more abstract idea.


Abiding friends…
Best kind there are!
Cloudy days may come
Dismal, gloomy weather
Everything feels askew but
Friends have a kindly shoulder
Good friends stand beside,
Hearten when you’re blue
Illuminate lurking shadows
Just as you’ve lost all hope.
Kindly the true friend lends a
Listening ear, may
Make a suggestion or two but
Never pushing his or her
Opinions on you.
Perhaps they do share a
Question they may have
Regarding choices you’ve made,
Still, considerately
They support you even through
Unanticipated consequences,
Validate you during those times
When you wilt like a
Xerophilous shrub. When you
Yearn for refreshing rain, feel
Zapped and zero-rated.
Ah, true friends are a blessing!
Image: Dim Hou — Pixabay

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