Colour Me White

Weathering the weather. Yesterday afternoon I looked out the window and saw a small flock of about twenty redwing blackbirds feasting on the sparrow seeds I scatter over by the caraganas. It was drizzling at the time, but then it started to snow. Snowed all night and it’s still coming down. Guess we’ll be happy for whatever moisture we get, but I’d prefer it in liquid form.

Had to dig out my winter boots to go out and feed the sparrows this morning. Later I spotted a meadowlark on the roadside, looking sad and bedraggled. So my verse today will be…


Sitting in the slush
on the shoulder, admiring
the flying flakes,
this morning so gray.
no song today?
Guess not. You look rather

Meadowlark image: Johnny Gunn — Pixabay

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