Bashful Sorts

I’m adventuring into some unusual forms of poetry for National Poetry Month. The form I’m posting now, I found listed at The Writer’s Digest site. It’s a treochair, which is an Irish tercet form with alliteration.

Rules for a TREOCHAIR:
Variable number of tercets (three-line stanzas)
Three syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and seven in the third.
First line rhymes with the third. Treochairs employ a lot of alliteration.

Bashful Sorts

Bashful sorts
like Milton and Mike oft’ tell
fate their dreaming thwarts.

Never bold
enough, their arms stay empty;
no sweetheart they’ve told

deepest dreams;
they’re too shy for romancing
by mellow moonbeam.

Courage be
a godsend to these misters!
The gals will agree:

happy hearths
are acquired by lads who
dare to risk their hearts.

Image: Myriams-Fotos — Pixabay

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