Might As Well Write A Poem

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is TEMPER. This verse-of-sorts is more about grief than temper, but here’s my response. Prompted by… Well, you’ll get the picture.

is a thousand-piece puzzle,
frustrating, slow going,
now over half done
resting nicely on a board
on the table –
or almost. A few inches
stick off but
safe enough.

is a suspicious cat
wanting to peer out
the dining room window
for possible adversaries
he may need to vanquish.

is a naughty cat —
a very naughty cat! —
leaping onto the table
to reach the sill
of the window beside.

Temper is a disgruntled cat
stepping on a surface
that suddenly tilts
and falls away
from under his paws.
Frantically he retreats.

is a mad dash
to see what made
that funny crash
in the dining room.

is an aggrieved board,
one end on a chair,
with its thousand-piece
puzzle scattered
on the floor beneath —
while the cat sprawls
calmly nearby.

is me, picking up pieces —
hours of work
undone in a flash!
I heave a long sigh.

Might as well write a poem.

14 thoughts on “Might As Well Write A Poem

      1. My kids moved out and with them, their cats. My daughter moved back in for a month with her cat while she recuperated from her operation. I can honestly say that I realised how much I was done with pet fur…

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