The Earth Cracked

Today’s challenge at the Writer’s Digest site:
Write a sight poem. If you can see it, poem it. If you can’t see it, poem it. If you can see another interpretation of this prompt that is neither of these, then, please, poem it.


The earth cracked
eons ago a mighty split.
Oh to have seen
that power!
To have heard
that rock-rending cataclysm
leaving us such treasures!
Astounding canyons
standing guard over
an ever-flowing stream
of earth-blood,
a diamond-sparkling

Image: Yinan Chen — Pixabay

7 thoughts on “The Earth Cracked

  1. Beautiful poem — I’ve heard that earth crack thing a few times. it’s interesting and a little scary. Some of the earthquakes in CA were thunderous; others made the surface of the earth move like waves on a pond; some broke open the skin of the earth. BUT the biggest earthquake in my life was the Yellowstone earthquake of 1959 that made a lake.

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