You Say I Say

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is BUCKET. Also, glancing through Pixabay earlier I saw an image of a frog that sparked a thought about natural habitats. One of the poetry prompts last month was to write a verse giving a rebuttal, or two sides of a discussion. So here’s my collage of thoughts…

Image: FotoMecky — Pixabay

You Say I Say

Jump in you call
the stream’s for all
the water’s for adventure
bold currents will lift us
and carry us away

but this fluid habitat
dear prince makes me
tremble I say
my feet are designed
for solid ground
not paddling around
in drifting tides

glorious adventures
you say dive in
baths in sunny pools
nights under the stars
country roads and rainbows
come dip your bucket
in life’s bubbling stream

thrills you say
experiences await
I say what about
a roof over our head
three meals, clean clothes
hot and cold taps
warm towels

I say jobs and paychecks
you say work’s a drag
you’re choosing slavery
you say — I say
work buys a home
for us and our kids
kids, you say –who said kids?

They’re preventable
you say — I say
that’s lamentable!
life is family I say
you say freedom
is all that really counts
I say adios

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